KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 — A Johor woman, who shared that she wanted a taste of her neighbour’s aromatic cooking, was surprised as social media users not only encouraged her to go and ask for a plate but offered to cook some for her.

This is after the 35-year-old woman, Azimatul Aula, shared a 12-second snippet on her TikTok showing her holding an empty plate along with a heartfelt note written on the video.

“The point of view (POV) when your Indian neighbour cooks curry. I felt like... but I’m too shy,” she said, while adding that the curry must be tasty in her caption.



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Azimatul’s post has since garnered over 500,000 views and over 39,000 likes along with over 1,000 comments from local TikTok users who can be seen sharing similar experiences.

There are also those who told Azimatul to just go and ask her neighbour for a plate while some even invited and offered to cook for her.

“Hi friends, please don’t be shy to ask? We’re okay with it. We even felt happy and excited whenever you all asked for food. Previously I had a Malay aunty as a neighbour and she would always request me to make her Rassam as it was her favourite,” commented TikTok user Laxhman Gautham.

“There’s this Indian ‘Akak’ (sister) at my office who’s good at making curry. I would often buy fish and chicken and would ask her to cook it for me. Seriously, her curry is the best,” TikTok user Hafez Hilmi commented.

“Oh, poor you. Come, let me cook chicken curry for you, you can come to my place,” offered TikTok user mc_lyana04.

Azimatul’s posts were also seen circulating across other social media platforms.

In a more recent upload, Azimatul shared that she was going to ask her neighbour but decided against it as she was spooked by her neighbour’s dog in the backyard.

Talking to Malay Mail, Azimatul said that she was still too embarrassed to ask her neighbour.

“Even though a lot of people are encouraging me to go and ask, I’m shy. But I’ll try to start a conversation with her in the future, who knows she would want to help cook for me. I can even provide the ingredients.

“A lot of my Indian friends on TikTok told me that if I asked, I would surely get it but as an aging person, of course my shyness overcame my desire.

“However, Alhamdulillah, I’m grateful for the unexpected responses, somehow now I’m full just by reading the comments,” she said.

A screenshot of the comment section from Azimatul's post. —  Screenshot via TikTok/ olala_shafizola 
A screenshot of the comment section from Azimatul's post. — Screenshot via TikTok/ olala_shafizola 

Azimatul, who’s from Kluang, also revealed that this wasn’t the first time it had happened to her, and she did not expect that others could relate to her situation.

“Actually, this wasn’t the first time I was taken in by her cooking. I could smell that she was cooking curry that evening and I felt like sharing it.

“As usual, it’s so aromatic and even though I’ve just eaten at that time, I was hungry again.

“And as it turns out, there were quite some people who felt the same way as I did after I’ve shared it,” Azimatul said.