KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 16 — A man in California, US, has gone viral on social media affor his move of deducting money from his fiancée’s Valentine’s Day gift fund for every day she yelled at him over the past year.

From the US$360 (RM1,507) initially set aside by Isaac Ramirez, the amount left of US$40 (RM167) when it was unveiled recently, Daily Mail reported.

Taking to his TikTok, the Santa Paula native said he would deduct US$1 (RM4.19) daily when his fiancée Carolina Fernandez raised her voice at him, which came to a total of 320 times in 365 days.

“Last year I put US$360 away for my fiancée’s Valentine’s Day gift, but I took away US$1 every day she yelled at me,” he wrote in the video, as he showed off an envelope labelled ‘Valentine’s Day 2022’.

The envelope was originally filled with cash, but the clip then cut to him removing some of the money and putting it in a different envelope, which had the words ‘Treat yourself king’ written on it.

“Now her gift limit is US$40 and I saved myself US$320 (RM1,339),” he continued.

“Now all she’s getting is flowers and chocolates,” Ramirez captioned it.

Ramirez’s intention appeared to be to make Fernandez ‘earn’ her gift with good behaviour — or alternatively, to punish her for bad behaviour.

While some viewers found this clever, others were disgusted and said the video hinted at a problematic relationship.

Ramirez insisted that it was all in good fun and that he and Fernandez are happy together.

The clip has since been viewed 1.2 million times.