Man who cleans Taiping for free gets new motorcycle for his good deed

DRB-Hicom’s Group Strategic Communications Head Mahmood Abdul Razak (second left) presents the motorcycle to Husin Kassim near his house in Taiping. ― Picture by Farhan Najib
DRB-Hicom’s Group Strategic Communications Head Mahmood Abdul Razak (second left) presents the motorcycle to Husin Kassim near his house in Taiping. ― Picture by Farhan Najib

TAIPING, June 13 — Good work is always rewarding and there is no difference in the case of Husin Kassim, who cycles around Taiping to voluntarily clean the streets.

His kind-heartedness in preserving and maintaining the cleanliness of the Rain Town has been recognised, with DRB-Hicom Bhd presenting him with a new Modenas MR2 motorcycle worth more than RM4,000.

“I never expected to get such a big reward for the work I do,” he told the press yesterday.

“I’m really grateful and thankful for the people who acknowledge my contribution to the town.”

Husin's work recently went viral after it was highlighted on the Taiping Municipal Council's (MPT) Facebook page.

They wrote and posted photos about Husin's inspiring story and good deed of cleaning and sweeping pedestrian walkways around Taiping.

The 55-year-old had previously said that if he owned a motorcycle, it would help speed up his commute between areas that required cleaning.

Earlier, DRB Hicom Group Strategic  Communication head Mahmood Abdul Razak together with MPT president Borhan Abdul Halim and Taiping district police chief Osman Mamat presented the motorcycle to Husin near his house at Jalan Tupai.

Born in Johor, Husin has been living in Taiping to care for his sick mother Aishah Cheku, 76.

While he has no permanent job, the hard-working man makes ends meet by selling vegetables, ulam (local herbs) and coconuts which he collects from around the area.

Husin said the idea of cleaning the city came about as he loved seeing his town clean and wanted to contribute in his own way.

“I used to do cleaning work in the Taiping police headquarters. So when I saw the area near the place is also needed cleaning, I decided to clean the place also.

“That’s how I extended my place of cleaning gradually,” said Husin, who has been doing the work for about three years.

While there was positive feedback for his work, Husin also noted that there were also some negative perceptions of him for being unemployed.

“I don’t like to be tied up with anyone. I love what I’m doing now. The money I’m getting from selling vegetables is sufficient for both me and my mother.

“I also forgive those who have talked bad about me. I don’t have any ill feelings against them. I hope all the Taiping residents will come forward to keep the town clean,” said Husin, who earn about RM500 per month.

He also said that his current working style allowed him to visit his mother, who is having cataract problems, whenever he wanted.

“I don’t have any specific time to do the cleaning work. I will do it whenever I’m free,” he said, by adding that he would continue the good work as long as he can.

Mahmood said that DRB Hicom presented the motorcycle from their subsidiary company Modenas as a way to appreciate Husin’s effort and so that others will be inspired as well.

Meanwhile, Borhan said that MPT will hold the motorcycle until Husin get his license in order to avoid any untoward incident.

“At the moment, Husin does not have a license. But the Road Transport Department and other related agencies are expediting his licence application process,” he said.

Borhan also said that the council was approaching the district social welfare department to help provide aid and allowance for Husin under the e-Kasih programme.

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