PARIS, Sept 29 — The new BMW iX — deliveries of which are due to start before the year’s end — has one rather incredible asset.

In fact, the front grille of this electric SUV can automatically erase marks and scratches, without any human intervention.

This innovation relies on an additional polyurethane coating applied by the manufacturer.

The imposing front grille of BMW’s new all-electric SUV can easily be subject to small bumps and scratches.

However, its future owners can rest assured that any such minor damage will be repaired very quickly and, what’s more, without any effort on their part.

This is all thanks to a special polyurethane coating that can automatically “repair” light scratches within 24 hours at room temperature, or even in less than five minutes under hot air (such as from a hair dryer). And this feature is not an optional extra!

In addition to this surprising technology, the grille also contains a camera, radars and sensors dedicated to the safety and semi-autonomous driving systems offered by BMW.

This large family SUV, lined up to compete with the Tesla Model X, has a range of 370 to 630 km, depending on the version. Pre-orders are now open. — ETX Studio