Woman jailed 7 months in Singapore over Universal Studios Singapore tickets

Woman jailed 7 months in Singapore for slashing husband, assaulting 1-year-old son over Universal Studios Singapore tickets. — file pic
Woman jailed 7 months in Singapore for slashing husband, assaulting 1-year-old son over Universal Studios Singapore tickets. — file pic

SINGAPORE, May 18 — She first threatened to “chop” her husband with a kitchen knife, before slashing him for real a few months later while drunk.

A month later, the couple got into an argument because he failed to buy Universal Studios Singapore (USS) tickets for Halloween, which she wanted.

In a bid to make her husband apologise, she took two videos of herself hurling vulgarities at their young son and slapping the boy on the cheek.

On Thursday (May 17), Fang Dong Dong, a 29-year-old Chinese national, was sentenced to seven months’ jail.

She pleaded guilty to four charges of causing hurt by a dangerous weapon, ill-treating a child, criminal intimidation and causing alarm to her husband Chan Sin Kai, 50.

She has since been released from prison as her sentence was backdated to her date of remand: October 20, 2018.

The court heard that the unemployed woman first threatened Mr Chan around May 20, 2018 during a heated dispute over family issues.

In the middle of the argument, she grabbed a kitchen knife and pointed it at him. When Mr Chan ducked behind the door of the guest bedroom, she used the knife to slash the door.

On September 15, 2018, the couple and their son went to a bar to watch a football match, where she had five bottles of beer. They got into another argument while driving back home.

When they got home, she took a ceramic kitchen knife with a 15cm-long blade and began slashing her husband.

He raised his arms in self-defence and dodged the knife when she threw it at him. It hit the wall behind him and broke into two pieces.

He sought treatment at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital later that day, where he reported the assault to doctors. According to their clinical notes, he complained of dizziness after being hit in the head with a kettle, broom, stick and cup.

He sustained a cut on his elbow and multiple abrasions over his face, arm and neck.

Things escalated further on October 18, 2018, after the couple once again got into another dispute over text messages — this time over the USS tickets that she wanted, but he could not procure.

Fang grew agitated and sent him two videos of her hurling vulgarities at their one-year-old son and slapping him on the right cheek. She also sent more text messages to him on WeChat threatening to harm their son if he refused to apologise.

He eventually gave in and apologised.

The next day, Mr Chan finally made a police report at Sembawang Neighbourhood Police Centre stating all the incidents that had taken place.

An Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist found that Fang had alcohol use disorder of moderate severity. Nevertheless, he said that Fang was not of unsound mind, and she acknowledged the wrongfulness of her actions.

Fang’s lawyer, Ms Yeoh Jean Ann, told the court in mitigation that her client had moved to Singapore from China in 2016 to marry Mr Chan and was all alone here.

Ms Yeoh also claimed that Fang had grown up molested by her grandfather and stepfather, and only had a Secondary 2-level education as her family could not afford to keep her in school longer.

District Judge Mathew Joseph noted that Fang was deeply remorseful and had apologised to her husband on multiple occasions.

Still, he found the fact that she injured her son “quite despicable”.

“The child was defenceless. Her argument was with her husband — why did she take it out on the child?” he questioned. — TODAY

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