‘Only You’: Spotify’s new personalised recap is already a hit on social media

The new ‘Only You’ function is only available to Spotify subscribers. — Picture courtesy of Spotify
The new ‘Only You’ function is only available to Spotify subscribers. — Picture courtesy of Spotify

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 5 — A hot topic on social media right now is Spotify’s freshly launched “Only You” function, a new Wrapped-esque recap that celebrates each user’s unique tastes.

Designed to be shared on Snapchat, Instagram and the likes, the service will be a year-long affair, unlike the annual Spotify Wrapped recap at the year’s end.

Spotify‘s end-of year recap is always much shared on social media by users of the platform, who have a particular appetite for this kind of feature.

Wrapped’s success clearly gave the streaming site ideas, since it has now launched the “Only You“ feature, offering users a new personal “Wrapped-esque shareable experience,” without having to wait for the year’s end.

Your very own ‘Audio Birth Chart’

This global campaign is billed as an in-app experience on Spotify, destined to be shared on social networks like Facebook.

Like the platform’s end-of-year overview Wrapped, “Only You” reveals data insights based on users’ listening habits. More precisely, the tool focuses on several unique aspects of each user’s listening habits.

For example, “Your Artist Pairs” brings together unique audio pairings that users have listened to recently — often with highly contrasting artists — showing the range of users’ listening interests.

Similarly, “Your Song Year” explores when the music a user listens to is from, charting their musical journey through different time periods.

Meanwhile, “Your Dream Dinner Party” lets users choose the three artists they would invite to a dream dinner party, with Spotify creating a personalised Mix for each artist.

The service will also draw up users’ “Audio Birth Chart,” including their “Sun” artist — the artist they listened to the most over the past six months; their “Moon” artist — revealing the user’s emotional side; as well as the “Rising” artist that the user has recently discovered.

According to The Verge, both the “Audio Birth Chart” and the “Dream Dinner Party” functions will update daily.

Users can find these new personalised playlists on the Only You page by signing into their account. Spotify also shared some interesting data about certain artists.

For example, Justin Bieber’s Peaches hit was added to over six million playlists, and 43 per cent of Harry Styles fans listened to his Watermelon Sugar track in the evening. — ETX Studio

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