Chrome OS to soon support Android-inspired gesture controls

Google optimises Chrome OS for tablet use. — Picture courtesy of Google
Google optimises Chrome OS for tablet use. — Picture courtesy of Google

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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 15 — Over the weekend, Android Police reported that Chrome OS 80, a version of the operating system currently in beta, will support a gesture-based navigation system which will make the OS more usable by tablet users.

In an Android 10-like fashion, Chrome OS is getting a collection of gesture controls with which people can use to navigate the system sans keyboard. As a result, a wider range of handheld mobile devices will actually be able to effectively use the Google-made OS. 

This feature is currently in beta as part of an upcoming system version, Chrome OS 80. Those with 80 enabled will be able to swipe up to return to the home screen, drag up to open the overview screen, and swipe right from the left edge of the display to go back. A quick, short swipe from the bottom of the screen will pull up the application dock.

Though the gestures work with most apps, Android Police states that some “freak out when you try to use them.”

As this ability is still in beta, Google has time to refine its performance ahead of a public release. In any case, the integration of gesture controls with Chrome OS demonstrates the company’s intention to optimise the operating system for tablets and hybrid laptops — an important goal considering that devices of the future may all have folding displays instead of physical keyboards. — AFP-Relaxnews

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