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2020/01/31 Give your valentine the gift of a physical, lovey-dovey GIF
2020/01/31 Nintendo says no new Switch in 2020
2020/01/31 Kioxia Corporation unveils device to support 5G-enabled applications
2020/01/31 Google Earth on mobile can now display space and the stars around the planet
2020/01/31 Nintendo Switch sales pass 50 million, SNES milestone
2020/01/31 Apple unveils revamped map app to challenge Google
2020/01/31 Unicode Consortium approves 117 new emojis for 2020
2020/01/30 Ex-Windows chief: We never expected the iPad
2020/01/30 MEPs demand universal mobile phone charger in clash with Apple
2020/01/30 Tech heaven: Drone academy students help map out Africa’s future
2020/01/30 This is how the Samsung Galaxy S20 could take zoom to the next level
2020/01/30 Google working on call-recording feature for native smartphone app
2020/01/29 Russia blocks encrypted email service ProtonMail
2020/01/29 Airbnb backs creation of EU digital regulator after court win
2020/01/29 5G: Five things to know
2020/01/29 Malaysia Airlines pilots facial recognition system for faster boarding (VIDEO)
2020/01/29 Apple’s iPad celebrates 10 years this week
2020/01/29 Avast may be harvesting and selling user data
2020/01/29 Galaxy Z Flip: Samsung’s new foldable smartphone after the Galaxy Fold
2020/01/29 Google aims AI at whales, words and well-being
2020/01/29 Pinterest introduces virtual makeup testing with ‘Try On’ feature
2020/01/29 New game release: ‘Journey to the Savage Planet’ — a compact, cartwheeling offworld adventure
2020/01/29 Facebook ‘supreme court’ for disputes ready in months
2020/01/29 Facebook rolls out tool globally to clear third-party data
2020/01/28 PC download charts: Temtem perches atop Steam's best-seller list (VIDEO)
2020/01/28 Vine makes a comeback as Byte
2020/01/27 Samsung reveals Malaysian price for Galaxy Note 10 Lite
2020/01/27 UAE tech ambitions tarnished by internet restrictions
2020/01/27 US feds, states could join forces on Google probes, says report
2020/01/26 ‘Butter Royale’ offers a wholesome, family-friendly alternative to ‘Fortnite’ on Apple Arcade
2020/01/25 Bezos allegations put phone hacking technology in the spotlight
2020/01/25 ‘Pokemon’, ‘Gran Turismo’ announce London, Sydney championship dates
2020/01/24 WhatsApp to finally launch a dark theme for the platform
2020/01/24 TikTok inks music deal as it sets up shop in California
2020/01/24 Tinder introduces new tools to keep users safe
2020/01/23 UK children to get right to know if parents are spying on them
2020/01/23 Some hackers take the ransom and run, say researchers
2020/01/23 iPhone SE successor to go into mass production next month
2020/01/23 ‘Half-Life’ franchise free until VR game’s release
2020/01/23 Google launches trio of new experimental apps to help people curb phone usage (VIDEO)
2020/01/22 Huawei aims to release a sub-RM700 5G smartphone as early as end-2020
2020/01/22 Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip set to be lower-spec and more affordable than the Galaxy Fold
2020/01/22 'Mario Kart Tour' prepares second multiplayer test
2020/01/22 Facebook to boost site safety with 1,000 more UK staff
2020/01/22 Close call: Malaysian's Apple Watch alerts him to a silent heart condition
2020/01/21 5 budget variants of flagship smartphones that will hit the market in 2020
2020/01/21 The Mi 10 Pro 5G could be the fastest charging Xiaomi smartphone yet
2020/01/21 Merkel seeks to delay German Huawei position until after March EU summit, say sources
2020/01/21 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera set to be a heavy hitter
2020/01/20 Telcos working hand in hand to ensure successful 5g rollout