Reasons why the latest Apple launch is exciting for Malaysians

For the first time, Malaysians will be able to purchase the latest iPhones within weeks of release. — Picture courtesy of Apple
For the first time, Malaysians will be able to purchase the latest iPhones within weeks of release. — Picture courtesy of Apple

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 — Apple’s September event is usually its biggest for a reason, and that reason is the iPhone.

Malaysians have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks as for the first time they will get the latest Apple devices within weeks of the announcement date.

1. No long wait for the iPhones

For the first time, Malaysians will be able to get the new iPhones within two weeks from the official announcement.

The new phones—the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max—will be officially on sale from September 27.

Pricing starts from RM3,399, RM4,899 and RM5,299 respectively.

Expect local telcos to announce their own iPhone plans shortly.

2. Access to new Apple services

Apple is rolling out its new Arcade and Apple TV+ services worldwide and Malaysia will no longer need to wait while other countries get them first.

While Arcade will be available from September 19, Apple TV+ will start on November 1.

However, any purchase of Apple devices from September 10 will come with a one-year free subscription to Apple TV+.

3. Fairly affordable subscription rates

Apple TV+ might not have as huge a library as Netflix but at RM19.90 and a 7-day free trial, that might not matter as much.

It’s also the same pricing for Apple Arcade and its all-you-can-eat gaming model will appeal to gamers as compared to buying multiple games separately.

4. Latest iPad makes affordable PC alternative

With prices starting from RM1,449 the latest iPad might be the entry-level model but offers great value.

The new iPad OS offers desktop-level website browsing and features such as support for external storage makes it an alternative to a cheap home PC.

It also supports the Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil and improved multitasking—making it an affordable alternative to the iPad Pro.

5. Older Apple Watch series 3 cheapest ever

The older model will now be available for RM849 which is a decent entry-level model considering it does come with water resistance, built-in GPS and an optical heart sensor.

While the latest Apple Watch series 5 will come with a compass and new display, it also starts at RM1,749.

The official release date for the just announced watch has yet to be confirmed and there is no news yet as to when the cellular version will be available.


With last year’s iPhone XR being the most popular model in Malaysia, it’s likely the iPhone 11 will continue the trend due to its price point.

As for the Pro models, with the heavy competition in the premium segment from Huawei and Samsung, Apple might find it tough going.

Still, it’s great news for Apple fans who have long complained about having to wait longer to buy the latest devices.

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