Braun returns to audio industry after nearly 30-year hiatus

Braun is bringing back its historic LE speaker range. ― AFP pic
Braun is bringing back its historic LE speaker range. ― AFP pic

NEW YORK, July 19 ― Despite originally establishing itself as an audio company nearly 100 years ago, Braun found itself in a position where it had to leave the industry in the early 1990s. This week, nearly 30 years later, the brand announced that it's returning to the audio market with a reimagined range of their 1959 LE speakers.

Braun, a company with nearly a century-long history and once famed for its state-of-the-art audio equipment, is making a comeback to the audio industry with a retro-inflected design that nods to its heritage.

Since Max Braun began producing parts for radios back in 1923, his company came to develop everything from audio equipment to kitchen appliances to personal hygiene devices. In fact, Braun created a handful of products that claimed “world's first” titles including the SK 4 turntable system and the TP 1 mobile record player and radio hybrid.

As the company continued to expand, it touched on virtually all electronic device categories in some form or another until finally creating its first electric shavers in the '50s, a product that the brand is most popularly known for today.

About 40 years before leaving the audio market, Braun entered the speaker industry with the Braun LE electrostatic speakers; this September ― 60 years after the speakers were originally released ― Braun is returning to the audio industry with a relaunch of these retro devices.

The company announced this week that the audio equipment manufacturing company Pure Audio will be reinventing the LE range. While from the outside these versions are expected to share the same aesthetic as the 1959 LE1, the upcoming new line will be equipped with 21st-century connectivity and audio technology.

The 2019 LE speaker lineup will debut in Berlin at the IFA, one of the world's biggest consumer electronics trade shows, which runs September 6-11. ― AFP-Relaxnews