KOTA KINABALU, July 17 — Parti Warisan President Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said the government needs to look into ways to help the rakyat with clear cut policies that are not only for short term but also the long term.

Speaking to reporters after a walkabout at Foh Sang here today, he said those he spoke to lamented about the increasing price of goods, shortage in supply as well as the high cost of living.

“They also told me that they want me to continue fighting for them. I am touched and happy with their support which I hope can be translated into votes in the coming general election.

“We need the numbers and if we have the strength our voices will be stronger. You give the number to other party how sure are you that they will help to voice out our grievances,” said Shafie.

“We not only need political stability but also a leadership that is capable to manage our finances otherwise not only our economy deteriorates, our rakyat will face more problems,” he added.

Shafie said that the government needs to look at the root cause of these problems which is not caused solely by the Russia-Ukraine war.

“It is not because of the war alone. If your house is well managed, no problem. Malaysia has an income of less than RM200 billion but its expenditure is RM300 billion, where do you get the extra? Taxes?

“No you don’t have to do that but instead should reduce your operating costs like maybe a pay cut for the ministers and deputy ministers. The government should also reduce the number of people in government delegations travelling overseas,” he said.

Meanwhile on the issue of seats Warisan will be contesting in the coming general election, Shafie said it will be enough for the party.

“If PBS wants to be friends with us, we will accept but if they do not want, we will not force but we want to have the voice to defend the rights of the people in Sabah,” he stressed.

When asked if he sees local parties uniting in the future for the sake of fighting for Sabah rights, Shafie replied, “Yes but it will take time.

“Yes it can happen but we have to start the work now. Multiracialism in the country is important. Like in USA, it took 300 years for Barrack Obama to become the President.

“I know it might not be realised during my time but I am doing it for the future generations, we must start the struggle now and inculcate unity,” he added. — Borneo Post