Anxious moments on the Rejang as boat springs leak

KANOWIT, June 2 — There were anxious moments for the passengers of an express boat on the Rejang river, near here today when the boat sprung a leak after hitting a jetty steel barrier.

There were no reports of casualties, however, in the morning incident at the Kanowit pontoon jetty.

Sarawak Rivers Board (LSS) Assistant Controller, Hatta Morshidi, who confirmed the incident, said based on information received, the incident happened when the boat skipper was inching his way to the pontoon before the boat hit a steel barrier and sprung a leak.

However, the boat owner did not report the incident to LSS, Hatta told Bernama, adding that his officers will be interviewing the owner and the boat crew and investigate the incident further.

Kanowit Fire and Rescue Chief, Ar Rahman Chik, when contacted, said his men also did not receive any distress call on the incident, and only obtained information from witnesses at the scene.

“The express boat from Sibu to Kapit sprung a leak this morning at the Kanowit jetty, after which the boat was towed to the riverbank to prevent it from capsizing. There were no casualties,” he said.

The numbers of passengers onboard could not be ascertained but it is learnt they were safely moved to another boat before continuing their journey. — Bernama

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