KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak lost his cool at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex this evening when he yelled at policemen who tried to restrain an unknown individual who had accosted him.

Although a video clip of the incident showed the former prime minister quickly turning to the policemen and apologising to them, he took to Facebook later to apologise again and also to explain his actions.

Najib said he was aware that the policemen were just performing their duties when they tried to pull aside the man who approached him as he was leaving the court after his SRC International Sdn Bhd RM42 million corruption trial adjourned.

“I know the police are doing their job in protecting my safety. But I am of the opinion that this young man should be given a chance to ask questions and I have no intention of letting the police stop him,” he said

“That is why I had agreed that the proceedings should be telecast ‘live’. At the very least, it should be watchable on FB Live or on YouTube.”

Earlier today,  Malaysiakini reported that the individual dressed in a plaid long-sleeved shirt had stopped Najib to ask him why he was barred from the courtroom where Najib’s trial was heard.

However, the situation turned tense when one of the police officers onsite attempted to pulled the man away as he gripped Najib’s hand with no signs of letting it go.

Najib then gestured to the police officer and shouted “tidak payah” (there is no need for that) while the individual, who identified himself as a student, asked about the restriction imposed on him.

The Pekan MP then apologised to the police officer before telling the student that the matter (court restriction) was out of his jurisdiction.

He then entered a waiting vehicle and left.

Shortly after, the individual who declined to be named, told reporters and expressed dissatisfaction over Najib’s explanation.

“If normal citizens are not allowed to enter, how do we see justice in Malaysia?” he said.