Tawau lion dance gets hilarious electro-dance ‘nasi goreng’ music remix in time for CNY (VIDEO)

Not your traditional lion dance. — Screengrab from Twitter/@ntsyhboo
Not your traditional lion dance. — Screengrab from Twitter/@ntsyhboo

PETALING JAYA, Jan 23 — Ever wondered what the traditional lion dance would sound like with different music instead of the usual drums, cymbals and gongs?

In Tawau, a group of lion dance performers took things to another level by bucking tradition in favour of contemporary electronic dance music.

A 15-second Twitter clip posted by @ntsyhboo shows a lion dance troupe in full party mode dancing at an unknown parking lot in Sabah’s third-largest town while a small crowd looked on.

“Lion dance in Tawau takes the cake,” @ntsyhboo said in her tweet.


The short video randomly ended with a remix that contained the lyrics "nasi goreng" (fried rice), adding a touch of Malaysian flavour to their routine.

Since its posting on Monday, the clip has been viewed more than 290,000 times, garnering over 17,000 retweets and 14,000 likes.

Amused Malaysians took to Twitter to comment on the hilarious and unorthodox lion dance performance.

“So cute that the red one is following the beat,” exclaimed @melurmelur_.

“Lions these days are also experiencing culture shock,” @notchogorll jested.

“I find it cute, it’s like looking at kittens in a box,” said @matulatiqah.


Many commented on the deejay’s unexpected song choice that paid homage to the beloved Malaysian dish.



There were also those who jokingly questioned the lion dance performers’ sobriety, speculating if they were under the influence.

“The lions are drunk,” joked @iknowwhatyoudid6i6 while @ghet_fitr wrote, “These lions, if they were to take a urine test, they’d be stuck.”

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