Looking for holidays over having sex: Study finds 22pc of Malaysian millennials do just that

Millennials find booking a vacation to be stressful. — Unsplash pic
Millennials find booking a vacation to be stressful. — Unsplash pic

PETALING JAYA, March 13 – A recent study has found that one in four Malaysian millennials found booking their next getaway a stressful undertaking.

The research by Hotels.com also found that 22 per cent of millennials spent more time researching their trip rather than having sex.

The online hotel booking site revealed that Generation Y travellers experienced “net lag” also known as scroll fatigue while researching before booking a vacation.

Ironically, despite the long hours spent scrolling down to plan for a trip, 46 per cent have booked the wrong holiday or dates because it was too much to deal with.

Hotels.com also revealed that productivity at the workplace dipped with almost two in five millennials admitted to secretly looking at holidays in the office and close to a third of respondents said they get less work done while hunting for a vacation.

Other interesting findings from the survey included:

* Being bored just after 41 minutes despite spending more than 10 hours researching their holiday

* 56 per cent prefer to vacation at a place they have visited before to avoid the legwork and 22 per cent found the very idea unbearable, decided to forgo a prospective trip altogether

* 54 per cent said they believed they pay over the odds in order to avoid researching

* 49 per cent would rather outsource the groundwork to a friend with the average person happily paying RM708 for the convenience

* Before making their minds up, 38 per cent of millennials consider more than five holiday destinations and 99 per cent rely on traveller reviews for their final decision

Accompanying the research findings, Hotels.com announced the winners of its 2019 Loved by Guests awards whereby hotels were rewarded based on guest reviews, saving research-averse millennials on the extra work.

Nine out of the 3,120 hotels across the globe that were named Most Wanted are in Malaysia.

The Net Lag study was conducted last month with 7,800 respondents in 26 countries taking part.