KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 — The book Turbulence in Trying Times: What Are We to Do?,  written by economist Tan Sri Lin See Yan could provide dynamic analytical insights into the current domestic and global economic situations, and help the country navigate through the unpredictable challenges, said the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah.

He said the book would also serve as a good guide for readers to better understand the present economic situations that were shaped by multiple factors including global geo-political upheavals, war and terrorism, and devastating climate calamities.

“More than ever, we need authoritative guides to help us navigate through these highly unpredictable and even perilous times.

“If we are to navigate these turbulent times effectively, it is absolutely crucial to understand fully the economic dynamics that underpin and drive the more visible political developments,” he said at the launching of the book at Sunway University,  here, today.

The Sultan said the analysis provided in the book such as on global financial flows, currencies and debt, role of monetary and fiscal policy and the impacts of technology and globalisation, could greatly enhance the ability to address these economic challenges.

“These various economic forces and relationships are brought to the forefront and illuminated in careful detail throughout the chapters of the book, and with a truly global range,” Sultan Nazrin said.

In his Royal Prelude published in the book, Sultan Nazrin said while Lin’s economic explanations are always accessible and clear, his ability to illuminate the dynamics at play, whether in relation to macro-economic and financial trends, higher education or the environment, was also greatly enriched by a judicious use of relevant economic theory and history.

“Tan Sri Lin goes one step further with his inimitable questioning of what we can do in response. His answers are also convincing, and readers and leaders alike would do well to heed his advice.

“As with his first book, all those who read this second publication cannot fail to find it an invaluable guide to what are indeed turbulent times for the global economy and society,” he said.

Turbulence in Trying Time: What are We To Do? is the second book by Lin. His first book The Global Economy in Turbulent Times was launched in June 2015 and to date has successfully sold more than 8,000 copies.

Turbulence in Trying Time: What are We To Do? will be sold at RM90 per copy and will be available in major bookstores soon. — Bernama