‘Lockdown’ even before MCO — Puthan Perumal

MARCH 25 — Having stayed literally at home for the past week, and now having been told for another three weeks tentatively, some thoughts come to mind.

It would appear that we were all in a “lockdown” mode long before it was imposed on us mandatorily.

Firstly, there was and there is this thing called online games. Where we are all far apart, and not in person, playing games. There was no virus stopping us from meeting each other to play those games. But for some strange reason, we kept ourselves apart. School fields used to be packed with students playing all sorts of sports. Now, it is deserted.

Secondly, we are all so caught up in messaging friends and family that we almost literally don’t know how to communicate with each other. Well, you don’t have much of a choice now, do you? It is as if by talking to each other, now, we realise that we had been in a self-imposed communication “lockdown” with people most important to us. Well, to society in general if you ask me.

Thirdly, we actually “see” and appreciate the physical appearance of our family and friends. Do you not notice that prior to this lockdown, there was this blinders so to speak, wherein we interact with people without actually looking at them? Think about it. Now, how grateful we are to be able to see their faces albeit via video chat. All the hugs and kisses that we have taken for granted.

Fourthly, all of us had to literally drop everything at a moment’s notice. What would you say is the most important thing that you miss as a result of this lockdown?  Yes, you’re right, it is family and friends. The very same people that we all stuck with now. We didn’t even realise that the most important things were right before us all these time and we had to be reminded of our invincible “lockdown” by a real lockdown.

Finally, we get to tell ourselves that we are actually “tired” and need a “rest”. Not physically perhaps but emotionally and mentally. We have been on this bickering path with issues like race and religion and politics that our body as a whole just literally needed a break. Because we can see now none of it matters. The lockdown doesn’t discriminate.

The above quite clearly are not matters that relate only to Malaysians, but to citizens of the world, because if you were to look at it now, how different are we?

Not much really.

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