PaMu Quiet offers bass-powered sound and comfortable noise-cancelling

The PaMu Quiet earbuds offer wireless comfort and decent active noise cancelling for the price. — Picture by Erna Mahyuni
The PaMu Quiet earbuds offer wireless comfort and decent active noise cancelling for the price. — Picture by Erna Mahyuni

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — PaMu has introduced some interesting audio products recently. I reviewed the PaMu Scroll some time back which offered an interesting design package and decent sound for the price.

Its latest offering the PaMu Quet is wrapping up its IndieGogo campaign and it offers wireless earbuds powered by some fairly impressive hardware.

Solid package

The earbuds come in an interesting carry case — one that resembles a pocket watch. The leather finish case also doubles up as a wireless charger and lights up as you charge.

Fortunately the case also comes with USB-C charging which means faster charging times.

As for the earbuds themselves, they are a simple design with a set of different eartips that offer adequate choices for all but the more unusual fits.

PaMu says the earbuds offer Qualcomm aptX support as well as active noise cancelling (ANC).

You also get IPX4 water resistance, meaning they can withstand the odd splash and a bit of sweat but I wouldn't suggest these for running in the rain or swimming.


While the earbuds can be used with both Androids and iOS, something interesting is that the earbuds also have Siri support which make them a more affordable alternative to Apple's AirPods.

It took a bit of adjusting however to figure out how to turn the ANC on and off as well as getting Siri to respond when I wanted it to.

Fortunately there is also an app that lets you tweak the touch controls and switch between the modes — you also can update the firmware via the app, which is rather convenient.

The seal of the earbuds isn't quite as tight as a dedicated IEM or the AirPods Pro and might not suit larger ear canals but they're fairly comfortable — good enough for people who want some noise cancelling but hate the feel of earbud tips stuffed into your ear.

Sound quality

Now how does the sound fare? What other wireless earbuds tend not to do quite as well is bass and the PaMu Quiet nicely fills the gap for those who like their music heavy on the bass.

Clarity is decent and the mid-to-high ends are passable, not overly thin or shrill. 

Still I found it a lot more pleasing when used for music with a louder beat and I think this would be a fairly decent companion for exercising though you would need to wipe them off before they got too sweaty.

Battery life, however, isn't the longest — I managed to get around 4 to 4.5 hours a day daily but since it charges fairly quickly (under an hour for a full charge) it's not a hardship. 

I preferred to just let it charge overnight on my wireless charging pad and pick them up the next morning.

Where are they available?

Right now there's less than a day left on the Indiegogo campaign so you can check it out here (link: for the promotional price of US$89 (RM370). 

While not the cheapest out there, considering it's more comfortable than most ANC earbuds I've tried and has a nice bass tweaked sound, it's a great alternative to the AirPods especially if your listening tastes skew to beats-heavy music.

The PaMu Quiet falls just nicely in the midrange, not too cheap to be good but not too expensive.