Families worried, pining for victims in Tambisan abduction

SEMPORNA, June 20 — “I have lost my husband and only child,” sobbed Jamiah Ajirul as she has not received word of their whereabouts after they went fishing in the Tambisan waters off Lahad Datu on Tuesday.

Her husband Mohd Harun Asparin, 55 and son Yusri, 16, had both left on Sunday shortly after receiving instructions from their employer to go fishing and are believed to have been abducted.

“Yusri or Ekong had decided to join his father on the fishing trips over the last three months to earn some extra cash and to supplement the family income  but now I am not sure of how I am going to manage. I am now leaving it all to Allah,” added Jamiah.

Her husband and son were among the 10 fishermen who were reportedly abducted by an armed group said to be linked to Abu Sayyaf from two fishing boats in the Tambisan waters, while they were going to Semporna.

Meanwhile, Noraini Gamal who is eight months pregnant, said she was hoping that her husband Kassim Ablain, 21, would return home safely before the birth of their first child next month.

Unable to sleep or eat well since the incident, the young wife said that she had spent four days during the Raya season with her husband before he had to get back to work at sea.

“He was supposed to have come home on Tuesday. I did not think that this would happen to us  we are not rich, I hope the government will help and free them,” said Noraini.

Meanwhile, Nasra Nuli, 26, said her mother had fainted upon hearing of the abduction as her brother Abdul Nasir, 21, was one of the victims.

Her mother who had been unwell had asked for her brother to return soon, she said.

The other victims include Abdul Nazar Ahmad (Bongosan), Ogan Utuk, Samsul Basil, Aslan Sapri and Azmai Paisal (Memek).

The ten were part of a group of 16 fishermen on two boats who were abducted by the armed group in the Tambisan waters near Felda Sahabat. — Bernama

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