KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 13 — Two lions caused a mild scare at the Changi Airport in Singapore after they sneaked out of their freight container yesterday.

According to The Straits Times, the lions were on their way to an overseas facility when the incident occurred. 

The two lions were eventually shot with a tranquiliser gun and sedated.

One of the lions was reportedly lying atop its cage for a brief period when the two were enjoying their freedom.

The lions are currently recovering from sedation under the care of Singapore’s only wildlife facility, Mandai Wildlife Group.

It is unclear where the lions came from or where they were headed to, but it is understood that the two were part of the seven lions in the shipment being handled by Singapore Airlines (SIA).

The airline also confirmed that the lions were within the safety netting installed around the container the whole time.

The incident didn’t cause any disruption to the airline’s operations.

A Mandai Wildlife Group spokesman was quoted saying the lions needed to be sedated so that they could be transported to their animal quarantine facility in Mandai.

“The lions are being monitored.

“They will remain in our care for the time being and we remain in close contact with SIA on the matter.”