MB announces RM551.56m Pakej Kita Selangor 2.0, lines up 25 initiatives for state residents, businesses
Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari speaks during the launch of the Smart Digital Infrastructure at Wisma Ihsan in Shah Alam April 16, 2021. u00e2u20acu201d Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

SHAH ALAM, June 9 — The Selangor state government today announced a RM551.56 million stimulus package for residents and businesses in the state, under 25 initiatives, themed ‘Pakej Kita Selangor 2.0: Bersama Menuju Kejayaan’.

In his address today, Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari said that the allocation is expected to aid 1.6 million people here.

"In the midst of confusion and anger from the people facing the effects of the pandemic, the government and the leaders should be a ‘beacon of light’ to all, inspiring and mobilising hope to face all kinds of challenges.


"We have no choice. We can only get through all this if we all stand shoulder to shoulder, work together and not be suspicious of each other. Regardless of the differences between us, whether political beliefs or creed, the only way forward is to work together for success," Amirudin said.

He said a moratorium on loans for 40,000 Hijrah scheme entrepreneurs, 1,300 graduate students for the year 2021, 286 students sponsored by Yayasan Selangor, 2,632 tenants of the People’s Housing Project and 477 participants of the Smart Rental Scheme.

"Recognising that access to the internet is the lifeline of businesses and learning, the state government launched the Selangor Internet Data programme which targets subsidising SIM cards with unlimited internet data for 70,000 recipients comprising petty hawkers, students, single mothers, taxi drivers, senior citizens and gig economy workers.

"To boost the state’s economy, RM200 million will be added to Selangor Advance which will utilise the cash flow of small and medium industry companies to cover expenses including saving jobs for employees in order to maintain the viability of their respective companies.

"In addition, RM80 million is allocated to 8,000 entrepreneurs as initial capital to start a business. This effort is dedicated to those who lost their jobs and lack of registration due to the implementation of the movement control order," he added.

Amirudin said the state government will continue providing free Covid-19 tests for the community with a target of 100,000 screenings.

He said the mass testing is in line with the strategy recommended by the World Health Organisation to detect "silent carriers" of the virus within the community and break the chain of transmission.

He added that a home assessment kit will also be provided for those found positive for Covid-19 after the screening so they can monitor their status while under quarantine with the help of health workers from the district health office and Selangor’s SELangkah application.

He said the state government has allocated RM1 million to encourage people to take the Covid-19 vaccine through a rebate of RM20 to nearly 50,000 people.

The state government will also coordinate transportation assistance for those who are far from the vaccination centres, through the Community Service Centre (PKM) in each state constituency.

"To achieve herd immunity or group immunity, as well as as a complement to the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, I am pleased to announce the Selangor Covid-19 Vaccination Programme with an allocation of RM200 million to obtain vaccines, so that group immunity can be accelerated," he added.

He also announced RM2.55 million for tourism industry members, via the Tourism Activity Assistance Grant, Selangor Tourism Voucher 2.0, Digitisation Learning Training Programme as well as a one-off financial assistance to tourism associations in Selangor.

Amirudin said the state has formed a Special Committee on Health Control Compliance for Industry to continue the Prevention of Outbreak at Ignition Sites (POIS) programme.

He said the committee will be chaired by Datuk Dr Khalid Ibrahim, former director of the Selangor State Health Department. Its other members are: Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming, and Dr Mohd Farhan Rusli, director of the Selangor Task Force Operations.

"This special committee will ensure compliance with health controls in all factories and industries and will assist in the implementation of vaccine programmes for ‘economic frontliners’," he said.

He said that as of May 30, more than 120 companies comprising more than 50,000 employees have taken proactive steps by participating in the programme.

"Companies which implemented this programme have also been found to be successful in reducing the number of cases dramatically, as well as avoiding the occurrence of factory and workplace closures," he said.

"The state government will allocate RM 500,000 for industrial health compliance and control operations," Amirudin said.

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