Covid-19 injection: Jump queue claim untrue

Kelantan has denied allegations of any attempt to meddle with the vaccine recipient list. ― Reuters pic

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KOTA BHARU, Feb 28 — The Kelantan State Local Government, Housing and Health Committee has denied the allegation that 200 members of the state’s secretary office (SUK) are jumping the queue to receive the Covid-19 vaccination.

Its chairman Dr Izani Husin stressed that the report that was viralled on social media was untrue and done with malicious intent.


He said the state government has never interfered with the process of determining recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine in the state which was carried out by its health department (JKNK).

“As the person who handles this matter (vaccination), I do not discuss any list of names and have never put pressure on the JKNK to give the injection to the leaders first before giving it to the frontliners,” he said when contacted by Bernama, today, adding that the matter has been viralled on Facebook, Twitter, and the WhatsApp application.

Earlier, nephrologist Dr Rafidah Abdullah tweeted a screenshot of a message she received from an individual alleging that nurses and frontline workers who are listed as the early recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine have to give way to 200 members of the state SUK. — Bernama

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