Seller in Pahang lauded for giving woman sushi she ordered for free along with extra cash after late delivery
A Pahang woman amazed by a generous sushi seller who not just refunded and gave her ordered sushi but also left her a surprise due to his late delivery. u00e2u20acu201d Picture via Facebook/Ikhfa Musa

KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 — Sometimes it is normal for a customer to get refunded due to late delivery.

However, it is not often for the customer to get refunded and still get the ordered goods.


That is the situation for a woman in Pahang.

The incident took place after she ordered a considerable amount of sushi from a local seller who was running late on delivery and had decided not just to pay for the expenses, but also decided to give away the sushi she ordered for free.

The seller also left something extra for the woman.

The woman, Ikhfa Musa took to Facebook to share her heart-warming experience by posting a few screenshots of the conversation she had with the seller.

Ikhfa stated in the first screenshot that she had been craving sushi and was hoping to get some for her breaking of fast that day.

She then contacted a seller from a local sushi restaurant in Pahang, One Sushiema and proceeded with her orders which amounted to RM41.70.

Ikhfa was surprised to learn that the seller only charged her RM3 for delivery as her location was quite far from the seller’s location in Gambang.

Ikhfa added that her location was in Beserah, which was 30 minutes away from Gambang.

"So, I waited until 6.30pm but still no sushi in sight.

"I was a bit frustrated as the seller said he is still doing his delivery,” Ikhfa wrote in one of her screenshots.

After informing Ikhfa that he would be late, the seller arrived at Ikhfa’s location along with her sushi in the heavy rain just after Maghrib prayers.

The seller, through a text message, took the chance to apologise again for his late delivery and informed Ikhfa that he had paid for the sushi and asked her to keep the balance.

"I thought he gave me extra sushi as I didn’t check the plastic bag.”

"When I opened the plastic bag, I was surprised to find RM50 along with the sushi.

"As it turns out, he gave me my money back with extra RM9 because of the late delivery.

"Bless this humble soul,” Ikhfa wrote.

Ikhfa also shared that the seller meant to donate the extra balance to her as it was the holy month of Ramadan and asked her not to return the money.

"What a thoughtful soul. He did not just refund me but also delivered the sushi along with extra cash for me.

"May you be blessed with fortune One Sushiema,” Ikhfa wrote.

Ikhfa’s post has garnered over 400 likes and has been shared over 600 times on Facebook.

Facebook users also applauded the seller for his generosity towards his customers.

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