Explain minister’s remarks on draft charge sheet, DAP tells Najib

DAP legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo threatened to lodge a police report unless the prime minister explain a minister’s claim. — Pic by Yusof Mat Isa
DAP legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo threatened to lodge a police report unless the prime minister explain a minister’s claim. — Pic by Yusof Mat Isa

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 — The DAP threatened today to lodge a police report if Datuk Seri Najib Razak does not explain an Umno minister’s claim that the recent shake-up in the government and Attorney-General’s office was due to an alleged attempt to haul the prime minister to court.

DAP legal bureau chief Gobind Singh Deo said that if Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s claims were true, the sudden sacking of former Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail was “questionable.”

“I want PM to respond to this and explain. He must tell us who these people are, do they include the Attorney-General or the former Attorney-General?” Gobind asked, referring to Abdul Rahman’s remarks in The Star on the weekend that certain individuals were removed over a purported plot to criminalise the prime minister.

“And I think this is a matter of serious public concern because if they include the former AG then his removal as AG becomes questionable,” the Puchong MP told a press conference at the DAP headquarters today.

He added that DAP will lodge a police report tomorrow should the prime minister remain silent as the statement was made by a key member of Barisan Nasional (BN), namely its strategic communications director.

“This is a statement made by a BN strategic communications director and I know until now there is no denial by Najib in regards to this statement so I think the PM must explain, he cannot remain silent.

“If the PM doesn’t respond by tomorrow DAP will lodge police report and that will be a separate matter,” he said.

The lawmaker said in the DAP’s police report, the party will accuse Abdul Rahman of spreading false information under the Printing Presses and Publications Act.

The Puchong MP added that while the Act has mostly been used against media organisations, it can also be used against individuals interviewed by publications.

He stopped short of explaining which sections in the Act allow for this, adding that he will explain further tomorrow.

In his interview with The Star, Abdul Rahman had suggested that the draft charge sheet against Najib “could be there” and, citing newly-appointed Attorney General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali, said it may have been part of a plot to criminalise the prime minister.

When asked to comment on the recent Cabinet reshuffle and the unceremonious removal of Abdul Gani from the post of Attorney-General, Abdul Rahman cited the alleged plot against Najib and said that any politician would have taken such pre-emptive steps to cripple such an attempt.

“Given that scenario what would you do? You would take drastic action wouldn’t you? Okay take these people out first so that things will get back to normalcy and see what will happen next.

“If you could appreciate that scenario then you would understand the flurry of action taken by the PM,” he said, according to a transcript of the minister’s interview in the English daily.

When asked to state if the draft charge sheet against PM that emerged online after Abdul Gani’s removal was real, Abdul Rahman admitted he was unsure but again said that drastic action had to be taken.

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