Average commuter spent 100 hours stuck in traffic in 2014

Tom Tom's Traffic Index monitors the density of vehicular traffic in over 200 key cities. — AFP pic
Tom Tom's Traffic Index monitors the density of vehicular traffic in over 200 key cities. — AFP pic

NEW YORK, March 31 — The annual Tom Tom Traffic Index, which monitors the density of vehicular traffic in over 200 key cities around the world, shows that average commute times for drivers are getting longer.

The results of this year's survey, published today, for the first time contain data gathered from Chinese cities. And while Chongqing (5th) and Shenzhen (9th) are both new entries in this year's top 10, the world's worst city for driving during the evening rush hour is Istanbul, Turkey.

With an overall congestion level of 58 per cent and an evening peak congestion level of 109 per cent, the average 30-minute commute takes more than an hour, meaning that over the course of a year, the average driver would lose an extra 125 hours simply from being stuck in traffic.

Not far behind with an evening peak congestion level of 103 per cent is Moscow, where drivers can lose 118 hours a year to congestion. And rounding off the top three is another major Russian city, Saint Petersburg, which boasts an evening peak congestion level of 96 per cent, meaning on average 110 hours a year lost to traffic jams and congestion. The only US city to break into the top 10 is LA, in tenth place, while Mexico City (4th place) and Rio de Janeiro (8th place) are Latin America's only representatives in the list.

As well as a special table dedicated to the evening rush hour, TomTom has also produced a definitive list to the world's most congested cities based on average traffic volumes throughout the day. With an average of 58per cent, Istanbul tops this list too, making it the most congested city based on all measurements.

In second place, with an average of 55 per cent is Mexico City. Rio de Janeiro (51 per cent) is third, Moscow (50 per cent) fourth and Salvador fifth (46 per cent). As with the rush hour congestion list, LA scrapes into 10th place with 39 per cent behind Warsaw (9th place, 40 per cent), Bucharest in eighth place (41 per cent), Saint Petersburg in seventh (44 per cent) and Recife (in Brazil) in sixth.

The most congested European Union city, Rome, ranks this year in 13th place, meaning its roads are worse than those in Beijing (15th place) or London (16th place). The most congested city in France, Marseille, is also the 18th most congested city in the world, with Paris itself coming in in 22nd place making it less congested than Vancouver (20th) or Sydney (21st), but worse than Shanghai (24th), San Francisco (26th) or Athens (27th). — AFP-Relaxnews

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