Luxury travel package focuses on Christmas experiences around the world

Christmas at Walt Disney World, Florida. — ©VeryFirstTo pic
Christmas at Walt Disney World, Florida. — ©VeryFirstTo pic

LONDON, Nov 15 —  It’s a luxurious travel package both fit and unfit for Scrooges: an extravagant Christmas-themed itinerary that whisks guests around the world visiting the best markets, light installations and winter wonderlands on the globe.

Fit, because if anything can soften a charcoal heart, it’s perhaps the fairy tale light illuminations along the Champs-Elysees in Paris, New York’s iconic Rockefeller Center tree, and the Christmas markets of Vienna.

Unfit, because the trip also comes with a hefty price tag of £49,500 (RM260,000).

Created by British luxury retailer, the ‘Ultimate Christmas Trip’ is a 17-night around-the-world tour that starts December 1 and stops at eight destinations including the “happiest place on earth”, Walt Disney World Orlando and Medellin, Colombia, renowned for its Christmas Lights Fiesta which fetes its 50th anniversary this year.

Medellin, Colombia's Christmas lights festival. — ©VeryFirstTo pic
Medellin, Colombia's Christmas lights festival. — ©VeryFirstTo pic

The trip ends in Vienna, where visitors walk under giant, sparkly chandelier lights strung up to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the main square turns into a giant outdoor Christmas market selling handmade crafts, baked apples, mulled wine and gingerbread.

Throughout the trip, guests are put up in luxury hotels like the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental and Ritz-Carlton.

Here’s the itinerary:

1. London

2. New York

3. Orlando

4. Medellin

5. Paris

6. Singapore

7. Monaco

7. Vienna — AFP-Relaxnews

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