The rise of eSports — the world of competitive gaming

Selling out the Staples Center is a really big milestone for eSports in general. — AFP pic
Selling out the Staples Center is a really big milestone for eSports in general. — AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, September 25 — On October 4 last year, in front of a sold-out Staples Center, Los Angeles, Riot Games organised the League of Legends' Season 3 of the World Championship, where Korean professional eSports team SK Telecom T1 took down China’s Royal Club to become the champions bagging themselves US$1 million (RM3.2 million). 

The figure for people viewing online was staggering hitting 32 million people watching the World Championships with more than 8 million people watching the finals concurrently.

Stadiums filled with adoring crowds, professional players from around the world, famous sponsors and event organisers shuffling about all basking in the thrill of victory and commiserating with those who have been defeated: Welcome to the world of competitive gaming, known the world over as eSports.

With the rise of popularity in gaming and abundant access to live internet streaming, it has become possible for thousands of viewers from around the world to watch professional players come together to compete for cash and prizes in live tournaments.

In the Malaysia/Singapore region, we have our very own The Legends Circuit, which serves as the stepping stone for amateurs to become professionals. A team of five or more players can register for 2013 in front of a sold-out Staples Center, Riot Games organized the League of Legends this competition, and winning it marks the first step for aspiring players to make it big in the professional scene.

With a total prize pool worth of RM 100,000 up for grabs, registration for The Legends Circuit 2014

Winter Season is now open for all to take part in. The first match will be played on the 4th with the finals set to be on 28th.

Over the past few years, e-Sports has taken off so rapidly because of the growing popularity of competitive games and everyone loves watching intense competition at its highest level.

While it may sound like a dream profession to some, professional gaming is a fiercely competitive business to get into.

Players must spend countless hours perfecting strategies, communicating, and managing teamwork to have a chance at competing against the best.

It takes drive, determination, and tenacity to make it as a professional gamer, but if you can work your way into the club, it will be an unforgettable ride which you will never regret.

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