New CKD Honda Jazz – affordable and versatile

The newly launched CKD model of the Honda Jazz.
The newly launched CKD model of the Honda Jazz.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 — Honda Malaysia has launched the all-new Honda Jazz as scheduled — it is available in three variants and five colours. The best part is the retail price, which ranges from RM72,800 for the base model “S” variant, to RM79,800 for the “E” variant, and RM87,800 for the “V” variant.

Built on the same platform as the Honda City, the Jazz is priced a notch lower than the City, making it a very affordable vehicle indeed. Besides, the hatch design plus the interior features make the Jazz a very versatile vehicle that can be adapted to suit all kinds of possible customer requirements.

Honda Malaysia sales data and their surveys indicate that Malaysians tend to prefer a sedan body to a hatch, but globally, the Honda Jazz is Honda’s single top selling model; a total of more than five million units have been sold since the Jazz was first introduced in 2001.

Bearing in mind that until the recent CKD programme that saw the previous generation Jazz go into CKD operations in Malaysia, the Jazz was sold at a higher price than the City. With much improved looks and more features now available, the Jazz is likely to appeal to the younger set.

In Malaysia, there is a large bank of potential buyers — the upgraders from the Proton and Perodua models — Honda Malaysia is hedging its bets by offering a sedan in the form of the City, and a hatch in the form of the Jazz. The improved looks and the excellent performance of the new Jazz will contribute to Honda’s sales.

The all-new Honda Jazz is equipped with the very same 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine that produces 120PS, and the same CVT that is found in the recently launched Honda City. Features vary with the variants, and the top-of-the-range “V” variant has all the bells and whistles.

Honda fans also get the option to go for a Modulo or Mugen styling kit for additional cost.

Warranty is five years with unlimited mileage, and service interval is 10,000km.

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