Devastated but the Gomes family says they will not give up hope

Gomes and his family during Christmas Eve last year. — Picture courtesy of the Gomes family
Gomes and his family during Christmas Eve last year. — Picture courtesy of the Gomes family

PETALING JAYA, March 10 — The family and relatives of inflight supervisor Patrick Francis Gomes continues to hope for his safe return.

His cousin, Rachel Santa Maria, 50, said although what had happened was shocking and devastating for the family, they would not give up hope. 

“We refuse to accept the situation. We are waiting and praying and hoping for the best,” she said. 

Santa Maria said Gomes’s immediate family members had been staying at Sama-Sama Hotel at KL International Airport since Saturday as they await a flight out to a yet undisclosed location by Malaysia Airlines (MAS). 

“MAS has been doing a good job in providing food and meeting our needs,” she said.

She said the congregation at St Francis Xavier Church in Petaling Jaya, where Gomes’s family attends weekly mass, had organised special prayers for the family as well as all the other passengers and crew members.

“His wife and four children are in a fragile state. So we as the family can only pray and hope he returns safely,” she said.

Many friends and family members showed their concern and support on Gomes’s Facebook wall.

One message from Pius Eugene at 11am yesterday read: “My great friend from schooldays in Section 17 PJ. I was with him when he went for both interviews for his first job as a MAS flight attendant ... Whatever it is, God please keep him safe in your arms”. 

Gomes’s youngest daughter, Michelle Leigh, 23, thanked everyone on behalf of the family for their prayers and well wishes on her Facebook wall.

“Hello everybody. Thank you so much for your warm wishes and prayers. My family and I are praying very hard and just hoping for the best. Thanks again,” she said.

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