Police out to curb ‘pil kuda’ addiction among youths in Kelantan

KOTA BARU, Feb 26 ― Kelantan police have drafted a strategic plan to tackle the alarming rise in the number of youths involved in methamphetamine (pil kuda) addiction.

Kelantan police chief Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said police detained an average of 60 addicts a day in the state and of the total, 90 per cent were youths.

“On average an estimated 1,500 youths are being involved in methamphetamine addiction a month. The increase in the number methamphetamine addicts, leads to a rise in sexual crimes and motorcycle theft.

“Therefore we have taken a new approach, that of to get closer to students in schools and brief them of the dangers posed by drug addiction, to curb drug addiction among youths at a young age,” he told reporters at a Seminar for Student Excellence at the Kota Baru police headquarters, here today.

He said arresting drug traffickers alone would not solve the drug problem, so the police have taken a new initiative to educate youths through seminars and campaigns in the state.

Meanwhile, about 200 students from 20 schools in Kota Baru attended the seminar organised by the Kelantan police narcotics department, here today. ― Bernama

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