Can Carrot Fit make you stick to a diet?

Carrot Fit app. — AFP-Relaxnews pic
Carrot Fit app. — AFP-Relaxnews pic

NEW YORK, Feb 1 — This new, slightly evil app will try to bully and cajole you into losing weight.

Carrot Fit is a talking weight-tracking app that its makers describe as “a sadistic AI construct with one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race.”

What they mean is that it pulls no punches, referring to its users as “Meatbags” and voicing insults and threatening punishments when targets are not met.

Therefore, somewhat ironically, a user may require a thick skin – the thing they hope to lose – in order to put up with the goading.

However, quirkiness aside, the app is nicely animated and beyond the jokes and the witty putdowns is a very good weight-monitoring program complete with BMI tracker that uses easy to understand graphs and helps a user select a target weight and undertake regular scheduled weigh-ins, and it will reward hard work.

Meeting incremental goals will unlock workout tips, permission to watch a friend eat a bag of potato chips and, seriously, facts about cats.

Carrot Fit is the latest in a series of apps from Grailr LLC that attempt to use dark humor and even threats to help users accomplish tasks. Its Alarm app offers bribes or promises to kill kittens if you hit the snooze button again while its To-Do and Recur apps encourage users to learn how to tame lions or go out and foil bank robberies rather than wasting time remembering to buy milk.

Carrot Fit is available now for iOS and costs US$1.99 (RM6.50). — AFP-Relaxnews 

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