Project Christine: Your computer is a high concept Lego tower (VIDEO)

Plug & play: Razer's concept design, Project Christine. —AFP pic
Plug & play: Razer's concept design, Project Christine. —AFP pic

SAN DIEGO, Jan 9 ­— This year's CES sees Razer unveil Project Christine, a modular, easily upgradable PC with striking looks.


PC peripherals firm Razer has a reputation for outlandish concept design, with futuristically styled mice, keyboards and headsets, but especially so after its twin-joystick gaming tablet dubbed the Razer Edge debuted at CES 2012 as Project Fiona.

Now, its latest concept, Project Christine, is a tall, black frame that accommodates any number of rounded, rectangular modules.

Those interchangable modules house different parts of the computer: graphics card(s), memory, hard disks, and different parts of the motherboard.

Much like the palm-sized Xi3 Piston at CES last year, Razer has decided to go against the grain by splitting up Project Christine's motherboard — the basic building block of any computer — into smaller parts, so that users can upgrade it a piece at a time rather than the whole lot at once.

And the entire assembly is bespoke according to each owner's preference, swapping out parts as suits their needs.

Experienced PC enthusiasts, familiar with the relative ease and economic efficiency with which a decent computer can be snapped together, might find that Razer's latest proposal is overkill.

But those after a no-fuss, high-concept design might like to keep their eye on Razer over the next 18 months. — AFP-Relaxnews

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