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Bangkok was named the top destination for expats in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. — Picture courtesy of
Bangkok was named the top destination for expats in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey. — Picture courtesy of

NEW YORK, Oct 30 — Looking to start a new life abroad and don’t know where to start? According to a new survey of expats around the world, the best place for reinventing yourself is Thailand.

In the sixth edition of HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, more than 7,000 expats ranked Thailand the top destination when it comes to quality of life as a foreigner.

In fact, five out of the top 10 destinations can be found in Asia, making the continent the most hospitable region in the world in which to relocate. Other Asian countries included Singapore, Taiwan, China and India.

Compared to the global average of 57 per cent, 76 per cent of expats living in Thailand said it was easy to make friends in their new home.

Expats living in Thailand also enjoy the best social life (59 per cent) compared to foreigners in other countries.

Following Thailand, 44 per cent of foreigners living in China said they have active social lives. That figure drops to 37 per cent among expats in India, 36 per cent in Taiwan and 29 per cent in Singapore. The global average was 26 per cent.

The survey, described as the largest of its kind, also polls respondents on their financial well-being and factors important to expat families.

Relocation spurred by the desire to make more money? Consider moving to Switzerland, China or Qatar, which expats ranked the top destinations for making money and where they noticed “an improvement in their financial status.”

When it comes to relocating to a new country with kids in tow, European destinations ranked the most attractive with Germany—one of four countries on the continent—voted the top destination for raising a family. Rounding out the category are Singapore, France, New Zealand and South Africa and South Africa.

Here are the top 10 destinations for the expat experience:

1. Thailand

2. Bahrain

3. China

4. Cayman Islands

5. Australia

6. Singapore

7. India

8. Taiwan

9. Spain

10. Brazil

— AFP-Relaxnews

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