Woody Allen and John Turturro satisfy the ladies in ‘Fading Gigolo’

US film director Woody Allen. — AFP pic
US film director Woody Allen. — AFP pic

LOS ANGELES, Aug 15 — In this comedy starring and directed by John Tuturro, Woody Allen plays a bookseller who goes to great lengths to save his business.

Other than in his own films, Woody Allen is rarely seen on the other side of the camera. But for John Turturro, the 77-year-old actor is making an exception.

In “Fading Gigolo,” the director behind “Match Point” and “Midnight in Paris” portrays Murray, who grows desperate as his bookstore faces bankruptcy. At a doctor’s appointment, he meets two mature women, played by Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara, who are interested in having a threesome.

Murray immediately thinks of his employee, Fioravante (John Turturro), to perform as a gigolo for the charming Dr. Parker (Sharon Stone) and Selima (Sofia Vergara). Predictably, emotions get in the way, and the man finds himself trapped in a love triangle he can’t understand.

The film’s cast will also include Liev Schreiber, Vanessa Paradis and Bob Balaban. John Turturro, who was honored at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991 for his role in the Coen brothers’ “Barton Fink,” is no stranger to directing. His first film, “Mac” received the Golden Camera award at Cannes in 1992.

“Fading Gigolo” will hit US theatres this fall. — AFP/Relaxnews

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