New jelly highlighters to keep it bouncing this spring

Magical Jelly Highlighter by Nuest Cosmetics. — AFP pic
Magical Jelly Highlighter by Nuest Cosmetics. — AFP pic

NEW YORK, April 16 — Jelly has become a major skincare trend over the past year or so, with multiple brands adopting elastic, gelatinous textures as the basis of their textures and lotions. But now it seems the effect is seeping into makeup, too — specifically, highlighters. Here are five of the newest... are you ready?


Makeup-enhancing skincare brand Farsali was one of the first onto the trend, launching its new “Jelly Beam” illuminator earlier this year. The jelly-like texture sets like a powder, meaning it will stay put as long as you need to glow. (


Almay’s “Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite” has also been making waves since its release, with beauty fans going crazy for its shape-shifting glittery shimmer. The jelly highlighter comes in two colour hues, “Mermaid Magic” or “Unicorn Light.” (


As Allure recently reported, indie brand Nuest is also making a move on the jelly scene, with not one, but five, different “Magical Jelly Highlighters.” The products feature self-smoothing memory-form textures for a cool, comfortable application, and a colour palette ranging from gold to pink. (


Jelly up your eyes, cheeks and lips with the new “You Glow Girl” iridescent jelly highlighter from Inc.redible. The illuminating gel comes in two shades and can be worn alone or over makeup. (

Laura Geller

As everyone knows, jelly and ice cream are the perfect match, so get in on the action with Laura Geller’s “Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator,” a lightweight highlighter that feels like a cream and comes in four edible-looking shades. ( — AFP-Relaxnews

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