Claiming miscommunication, cops deny turning away woman at police station (VIDEO)

Kogee (pic) arrived at the sentry post at the Alam Damai police station in Cheras frantically asking for help last Monday. ― Picture via Facebook/Kogee Sinniah
Kogee (pic) arrived at the sentry post at the Alam Damai police station in Cheras frantically asking for help last Monday. ― Picture via Facebook/Kogee Sinniah

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 ― The police have denied turning away a woman who had driven to a police station while seeking help, after a tearful video of her experience went viral.   

The woman who drove in with her son at night, said that she was allegedly followed by a group of men in another vehicle. 

City police chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim clarified that Kogee Sinniah was in a panicked state and admitted that a misunderstanding may have taken place when she arrived at the sentry post at the Alam Damai police station in Cheras, in response to the 41-year-old woman's claim that an officer had asked her “to speak nicely”.

“It is Standard Operating Procedure for our sentry policeman to ask visitors their purpose before allowing them into the station.

“Anyone is welcomed inside the station, but her request may have been miscommunicated following her emotional state as we have to also consider the safety of our officers at night,” he said at a press conference at Alam Damai police station yesterday.

Mazlan said Kogee had earlier started honking at the Persiaran Alam Damai intersection about 50m from the Alam Damai police station to seek help last Monday.

He said one of the sentry officers went to Kogee’s aid before the vehicle that was following her arrived and parked behind her car.

“Our officer went to the vehicle and asked them what was happening before telling them to lodge a report if they claimed the woman was driving dangerously and nearly crashed into them earlier as following someone was wrong.

“The car then left the scene and the woman was immediately allowed entry into the station where she stayed inside the compound for 10 minutes,” he clarified.

Kogee had claimed she was disallowed entry as a cone was blocking her path.

Mazlan said one of the officers even offered to help the woman lodge a report but she refused to do so and left the station shortly.

“It is true she was in a very panicked state but she should feel safe since she is already in the station and the vehicle that was following her had left long ago,” he said.

He said police subsequently detained three 18-year-old suspects who were involved in the incident around 8.30pm yesterday after the woman lodged a report at Balai Polis Cheras around 3.09pm the same day.

“We will probe this incident fairly and do not wish for any party to be pointing fingers at one another.

“Do not be afraid as we will protect your safety as it is our responsibility and I urge the public to stop circulating the video as investigations has begun,” he said.

The case is being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

Kogee posted on Facebook two separate videos detailing her encounter with the other motorist and personnel from the Alam Damai Police station.

In the first video, taken shortly after the incident, the teary woman said she had lost faith in the police for failing to ensure her and her son’s safety.

She said she had picked her son up from a training session before dropping off some items at a friend's place and was heading home when she came to a road under construction in Alam Damai.

She said, as a result, there was a bottleneck and admitted that she might have unintentionally swerved into the path of the other car.

Fearing for her safety, Kogee said she quickly called the police after she noticed about three men in a car following her.

She said she told a policeman she had planned to drive into a police station after he asked her what she intended to do.

When she stopped at a traffic light near the Alam Damai police station, the BMW driver drove past her and blocked her path.

“This was when I honked continuously for about two or three minutes calling and signalling for help but nobody came to help me. The driver then drove off and I drove over to the entrance of the police station but couldn't enter as there was a cone blocking the way.

“A policeman from the post came over and the first thing he asked me was ― ‘are you the one honking just now?’

“So what does this mean? He actually heard someone as in distress and needed help but not one of them came to check what was happening. The driver of the BMW could have had a weapon,” she said.

She also said she did not lodge a report immediately after the incident because she had lost faith and did not feel safe in the station after she was disallowed entry earlier.

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