SYABAS should advise on specific water disruption areas — Chow Sook Cheng

MARCH 12 — I think it is unfair for certain quarters to blame SYABAS for the recent water disruption that had affected the residents in Petaling, Klang, Shah Alam, Hulu Selangor, Kuala Langat and other areas in Selangor.

SYABAS has announced that the temporary disruption was due to a burst pipe and to facilitate critical equipment repair at their affected water treatment plant.

People should therefore accept the fact that the disruption was not due to any negligence or bad management by SYABAS. No one should be blamed for any accidental mishaps, burst pipes or machinery breakdown.

We should accept and understand the reasons for the disruption and allow the water authorities to expedite the repair works without adding unnecessary pressure against them.

I don’t believe any responsible authorities would want to cause inconvenience and hardship to the people. The disruption is clearly inevitable and unpreventable.

However, in future I hope SYABAS should pinpoint the specific areas that would be affected by the disruption instead of just issuing a press statement that gave the impression the disruption affects the whole of Petaling, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Our Condo is under Petaling and upon reading the news that Petaling would be affected, we immediately issued notices to our residents to store sufficient water for their own use. Many also bought bottled water for drinking or cooking.

But it has turned out that we were not affected by the disruption after all. We continue to have water supply during those days that water was supposed to be disrupted.

But this has inadvertently caused our residents the inconvenience to store water and purchase water containers or distilled water the past five days. Our residents have now accused us of misleading them and caused them the inconvenience by advising them to store water.

If SYABAS had sent notices direct to the precise areas affected by the disruption, I think it would understandably reduce much anxiety for our residents instead of making them on a wild goose chase.

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