R&B singer NYK's 'Make It On Me' drops today

NYK (right) teams up with local rapper Airliftz for latest track. —  Photo by Sony Music Malaysia
NYK (right) teams up with local rapper Airliftz for latest track. — Photo by Sony Music Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, March 9 — Nick Yung Kit, better known as NYK, is determined to make an impact on the local music scene, even if it means travelling overseas to achieve his sound.

The up-and-coming artiste spoke passionately about the Malaysian music landscape ahead of his second release on Sony Music, Make It On Me, set to drop today.

Debut track FWB, released last August, has already chalked up over 1.1 million plays on Spotify to date.

NYK ventured to Sweden to record the second single which he claims to have laid down in just one hour, credit to the producers Putte Pettersson and Andrei Amartinesei who he instantly vibed with.

His hope is to spread appeal back home with Make It On Me before setting his sights on international success.

“It’s not easy and I’m honestly not sure I’ll be the one to do it,” he said, explaining the task of trying to make it as a Malaysian abroad.

“But if I can contribute even a step towards making Malaysian music internationally known, great.”

In the past, NYK has expressed strong views about the local music industry, encouraging fellow artistes to get out of their comfort zones if they truly want to make a go of things.

He once likened the scene to being “made up of friends just giving each other Facebook likes.”

“I don’t really like how easily satisfied people are with their craft,” he clarified.

“But it’s their career, their decision, so I don’t hate. I just thought it’d be great if everyone thought bigger and further.”

For his own plans, he added: “To be able to start in Malaysia you have to break through the first barrier of 'local music is horrible.'

“Once you manage to convince Malaysians and other people regionally to listen to you, the next step is to break into the rest of Asia and then the world.”

Worldwide ambition might explain what took NYK 12,000 kilometres away to Sweden to record Make It On Me.

The journey proved no hindrance, an indication of the Subang Jaya singer’s determination to succeed as he said working with the guys there made the whole experience quite straightforward.

“Quality, quality, quality,” he reflected.

“I don’t doubt there are legitimately good producers in Malaysia but the guys I worked with in Sweden were very in touch with modern production. They were so easy to work with.”

Make It On Me is touted as a prequel to FWB, abbreviation of “Friends With Benefits,” and similarly focuses on NYK’s relationship with the opposite sex.

The tune maintains his pop direction, with prominent input of R&B, and features local rapper Airliftz, similarly from an R&B background.



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“Mine’s more of a hip-hop sound,” said Aliff Shaharom, who goes by Airliftz.

“Malaysia has always been behind R&B sounds, so the alternative hip-hop, pop R&B still sounds fresh, it’s just not many people appreciate it.”

Airliftz, who released his debut EP Bagel last July, had two attempts at getting his verses right for the song after initially failing to impress.

“My part wasn’t catchy at first. You want it to hit, bang, in your face, but it was weak so I took it back and changed the melody.

“I got rejected and knew I had to go harder. I got the feedback second time around and realised the verse is dope. This song might be a hit.”

Make It On Me is scheduled to hit local airwaves today.

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