Actor Bront Palarae picks up Tagalog in 10 days for film role

Bront had to learn Tagalog for his role in 'Daddy's Home'. — Picture by Razak Ghazali
Bront had to learn Tagalog for his role in 'Daddy's Home'. — Picture by Razak Ghazali

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 — For his role in the movie Daddy’s Home, actor Bront Palarae not only had to get into his role... he had to do it in Tagalog,

“Producers sent tapes for me to learn and I also had a dialect coach.

“Seeing I had to speak Tagalog eight hours a day, I was ‘married’ to my dialect coach for 10 days before we started shooting,” he said in a recent interview.

Bront said it was difficult in the beginning but he managed to grasp the language by Day Six.

“The remaining days were to hone slang, tone and music of the language.”

He also found similarities between Tagalog and Bahasa Malaysia which made it easier to learn the language.

This was not the first time the actor had to learn other languages for his roles. Bront had previously learnt some Hebrew for his part in Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2.

He found Tagalog the easier of the two.

“In 2014, the film I was in – Terbaik Dari Langit – opened at a film festival and I met many film people from other countries.

“Some of them told me, ‘We should do something together.’ I never thought anything of it because people say things like that all the time.

“But while I was filming Indonesian horror film Pengabdi Setan, Bradley Liew (director) contacted me.

“He sent me the story of Daddy’s Home and I thought I should do it in Tagalog. And when he sent me another draft, I was impressed and agreed to do it.”

Bront said his character in Daddy’s Home leads a difficult life to put food on the table for his family. But something happens at sea and he returns home a different person.

“He’s trying to fit in and his family is trying to adapt to the changes.

“Stories like this only come once every four years and working with an award-winning team from the Philippines was an eye opener.

“I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Acting in a different language did just that.”

Born Nasrul Suhaimin Saifuddin, the 39-year-old said his friends have been calling him Bront since he was young and Palarae is his mother’s Siamese family name.

Daddy’s Home was shot in Tagaytay, a popular holiday town south of Manila.

The film is part of Astro Boo’s Doors, A Philippines Horror Anthology.

The anthology premiered on Astro Boo (Channel 404) on Feb 3 and showcases works from Liew, Dodo Dayao, Sherad Sanchez and Pepe Diokno, among others, with the aim of creating quality films with a Filipino heart and a global spirit.

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