28 and not going to vote. Here's why — Zharif Badrul

JANUARY 12 — Apparently, it is one of my resolutions this year. Here’s why.

There’s nothing much we can say about the current government; we all know they are not going to change themselves anytime soon and they will keep ignoring the intrinsic of civil society movement, judiciary independence, human rights, women empowerment, academic freedom etc while holding to their same old tactics of playing racial and religious cards to clinch on power.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing much we can say about the opposition too.

They are still struggling with leadership issue, accepting a racial-based party (who got hyped with the word pribumi nowadays?), adopting nepotism and cronyism in politics, clueless on Sabah and Sarawak issues, no concrete plan to tackle pressing issues involving youth and urbanites.

In other words, they are no better than the current government.

Now, speaking of leadership issue, they are offering us a candidate who has a track record of blatant disrespect on civil society movement, human rights (Ops Lalang, Memali tragedy), judicial independence (apology is needed to Tun Salleh Abbas & other judges, no?) and to what amazes me is that, the young ones in the party seem to be okay to have that kind of candidate who will lead our country again. Apparently in Malaysia, we have Palpatine who will lead the so-called “Resistance” to fight against Darth Vader. How absurd!

It seems like everyone will not make it a big deal as long as the current regime is replaced. They still think the nation is not ready for young people to lead this country whereas some of the nations in the world are currently led by people at the age of below 40 years old. Even though our Constitution does not have an age limit for someone to become a prime minister, but the current situation is somewhat disturbing for a young voter like me because it shows that our country is experiencing a phenomenon called “leadership gap”.

We really need to think about it seriously otherwise, we will never be led by a young, fresh, and charismatic government which will eventually materialise the real meaning of new politics in this country. As a young voter, I am disappointed to learn the fact that we are still harping on the same old politicians with the same old tactics of politicking in shaping the political landscape of Malaysia for our future generation.

Some of you strongly believe that one vote is important for a nation’s future and I totally agree with that. But for this particular election, I am not going to cast my vote in order for Palpatine or Darth Vader to lead this country and eventually keep shaping our political landscape with the same old politicians and politicking. I might be naïve on this particular matter but boycotting this kind of election in my beloved country would be the best choice I have right now (unless we have Rey or young Ben Kenobi to come into picture from either side, I might change my mind and vote that party).

Both sides shall be condemned for ignoring the young voters and their failure of bridging the gap between generations and forget the fact that the young voters will dominate the majority percentage of voters in the upcoming election. They also forget the essence of an election is the voters, not the candidates.

And I will end this writing with one question: what if the people choose to boycott and exercise their rights not to vote?

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