New York to open first city-approved dog cafe

The Boris & Horton dog cafe in New York opens this month. ― AFP pic
The Boris & Horton dog cafe in New York opens this month. ― AFP pic

NEW YORK, Jan 11 ― New York is just weeks away from getting its first dog café, where dog owners will be able to have lunch with their canine friend while out on the town.

At Boris & Horton, dog owners will no longer have to tie up their pooch to a random street pole when they're jonesing for a coffee or beer, or dodge the look of sad abandonment from their furry friend's eyes.

Because after filling out all the paperwork, the café has become the city's first Department of Health-approved dog-friendly café, where customers are welcome to take their dogs inside.

Unlike cat cafes, which are home to rescue cats and cats up for adoption, the dog café will not have any permanent canine residents. It will, however, host adoption events and fundraisers.

For its human guests, the café will serve an all-vegetarian menu with offerings like avocado and slow-roasted tomato toast, cheese plates and pastries from Balthazar on one side of the café.

The other side will cater to dogs, with a seating area and dog treats for sale.

Before visiting, however, owners are asked to mind a few house rules. For instance, dogs must remain on-leash at all times and no more than two dogs are allowed per person.

To “keep it classy,” humping and mounting is discouraged.

The evening menu will serve craft beer and wine.

The café is named after its canine co-owners, Boris, a pit bull terrier mix rescued from the beaches of Puerto Rico in 216, and co-owner Horton, a mystery breed who hails from Houston with a particular penchant for string cheese.

Boris & Horton opens this month in the East Village. ― AFP-Relaxnews 

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