Virgin Hyperloop One reveals how passengers will plan and book their pod travel

Concept rendering of Virgin Hyperloop One in Dubai. — AFP pic
Concept rendering of Virgin Hyperloop One in Dubai. — AFP pic

DUBAI, Jan 10 — Virgin Hyperloop One, the game-changing transportation system that will be able to hurtle passengers to their destination at speeds of up to 1,080kph when complete, has released new details on how travelers will be able to plan, book and pay for their journey.

Along with publicly unveiling their first-generation pod XP-1 at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this week, developers also released more details on the passenger experience, bringing the futuristic levitating pod system one step closer to reality.

Much like online booking apps that exist today, passengers will be able plan, book and pay for their Hyperloop journey, and book other modes of transportation — public, private, ride-share like Lyft and Uber — using a trip-planning app.

Customers will be able to choose options like fastest, cheapest and greenest route.

Developed using HERE Technologies, the real-time application will also feature end-to-end route navigation that includes indoor walking directions for negotiating large transit centers, venues, shopping centers and airports.

The app will be made public later this year.

Developers also used CES as a platform to unveil to the public for the first time the pod which was used in the latest testing phase, where it reached record speeds of 387kph.

“We’re giving the public a taste of what a Virgin Hyperloop One experience will be like by publicly unveiling our pod and demonstrating how passengers will experience booking a hyperloop trip from their pocket,” said CEO of Virgin Hyperloop One, Rob Lloyd.

“Every hardware and software milestone brings us closer to commercializing hyperloop.”

When complete, the hyperloop system is meant to cut travel times drastically.

A trip between New York and Los Angeles, for instance, is estimated to last 4.5 hours, compared to 7 hours and 45 minutes by plane. — AFP-Relaxnews

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