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Internet use continues shift from desktop to mobile in 2017

The majority of internet usage now comes from smartphones. ― AFP pic
The majority of internet usage now comes from smartphones. ― AFP pic

NEW YORK, Jan 3 ― Mobile web browsing outstripped desktop-based internet use worldwide in 2017, according to the latest data from StatCounter.

According to StatCounter data from the end of December 2017, 56.6 per cent of global internet traffic came from mobile devices (52.3 per cent smartphones and 4.3 per cent tablets) compared to 43.4 per cent from computers.

When it comes to operating systems, web traffic from computers running Windows takes a clear lead (82.7 per cent worldwide), far in front of Apple computers running OS X or macOS (13.1 per cent worldwide). The market share of internet use from PCs on Linux remains under 2 per cent. For smartphones, Android and iOS largely dominate the market, with Google’s operating system leading the way (73.5 per cent worldwide).

According to StatCounter, the most frequently used web browser is Chrome (64.7 per cent worldwide), which comes far ahead of Microsoft’s tools (Internet Explorer or Edge) and Firefox.

StatCounter is a web analysis service based on a tracking code installed on more than two million websites worldwide. Several billion page views are analysed each month. — AFP-Relaxnews

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