Free ‘Streets of Rage Classic’ unleashed on Android, iOS (VIDEO)

‘Streets of Rage’ makes its Android debut in ‘Streets of Rage Classic’. — Handout via AFP
‘Streets of Rage’ makes its Android debut in ‘Streets of Rage Classic’. — Handout via AFP

NEW YORK, Dec 8 — Ahead of the 25th anniversary of classic Sega game Streets of Rage 2 on December 20, 2018, the franchise’s 1991 debut is now available on Android and iOS for free.

A robust counter to Nintendo’s edition of Final Fight, Streets of Rage was received as one of the Sega Genesis’s best titles.

Known as Bare Knuckle in Japan and Streets of Rage elsewhere, it saw ex-cop vigilante trio Adam, Axel, and Blaze venture deep into underworld territory in a bid to rid their city of crime syndicate boss Mr X.

Special moves, two-player team-ups, and an insistent house music soundtrack helped make it a crucial exclusive for Sega’s home console.

Followed by the acclaimed Streets of Rage 2, as well as a somewhat less standard-setting third game, the franchise as a whole has seen homage paid by several high-quality but unofficial fan games over the years — Streets of Rage Remake and Beats of Rage stand out, Sega’s legal opposition notwithstanding.

Now Sega is providing the original Streets of Rage for free on Android and iOS devices; online leaderboards and support for compatible MFi controllers are also included.

Whether intentionally or not, Streets of Rage on mobile recalls one of its ancestor’s selling points.

On both Sega Genesis and, later, the older Master System, Streets of Rage offered two-player co-op where Nintendo’s version of Final Fight was restricted to solo play.

And on mobile, the Sega Forever Streets of Rage Classic overhaul supports not only two player co-op via WiFi, but also cross-platform play between Android and iOS.

Online ads were not part of 1991’s Streets of Rage but have also been included in the reissue, allowing players to accrue power-ups, additional continues, and use a rewind feature.

They are removed, and cloud saves gained, by means of a US$1.99 (RM8.15) in-app purchase.

In addition, cross-platform multiplayer is coming to both Golden Axe and Altered Beast over the next few weeks, Sega announced. — AFP-Relaxnews

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