Skepta records new track inside a Rolls-Royce Phantom (VIDEO)

Skepta and his new recording studio: The Rolls-Royce Phantom. — Handout via AFP
Skepta and his new recording studio: The Rolls-Royce Phantom. — Handout via AFP

LONDON, Dec 8 — There are a lot of incredibly quiet luxury cars available these days, but Rolls-Royce has always been seen as the epitome of near-silent transportation and unadulterated comfort and luxury. That status has only been further reinforced by the news that Mercury Music Prize and MOBO award-winning musician, Skepta, has written and recorded a brand-new track in its entirety while inside a new Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Rolls Royce has always had an intrinsic link with the contemporary music scene since the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll. The luxury marque has always been seen as the ultimate symbol of an artist’s success, and despite increasing levels of competition from other auto brands, Rolls-Royce still connects with artists today in a way few others can hope to match.

Because of this, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has just announced a ground-breaking collaboration with Joseph Junior Adenuga, who’s better known by his stage name of Skepta. Inspired by the incredible quiet and serenity of the Phantom’s interior, the artist wrote and recorded a new track, called Skepta RR, at the same time as being chauffeured through the mountains of Switzerland and along the banks of Lake Lucerne.

Not all composers want or need a space as quiet as the cabin of the Phantom to compose music, but vocals need silence so other sounds don’t “bleed” into a microphone during the recording process. It’s not common for the interior of a luxury vehicle to be used as a vocal booth, but the results show this can be an effective, if somewhat unconventional and expensive, option for recording music.

Speaking of the collaboration, the Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Müller-Ötvös said, “I want to welcome Skepta to the World of Rolls-Royce. He has shown a unique and exciting appreciation of the marque and interpreted Phantom’s credentials as the world’s quietest and most luxurious motor car with an exceptionally creative track and film.”

The film of Skepta writing and recording Skepta RR in the Phantom can be viewed online at the Rolls-Royce YouTube channel and behind-the-scenes imagery is available on Instagram. — AFP-Relaxnews

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