Malaysia needs inspiring and visionary leaders — Saleh Mohammed

NOVEMBER 30 — In a democracy, supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly or indirectly through a system of representation. These representatives, voted in, are often termed as ‘leaders’.

A good leader is someone who is honest, sincere, hardworking and be responsible for their own actions and decisions. Also, willing to admit mistakes.

Leadership in Islam is considered as an ‘amanah’ (a trust) and a responsibility. Leaders should be God-fearing and to discharge their duties to the best of their abilities. The authority vested in them is not their private property but is a trust and should carry on governing in consultation with the people. To the electorate, the power to choose leaders have been bestowed upon you as a gift from God and be careful to elect only such persons who fully deserve it. And after vesting this authority, give them your fullest cooperation and you should not rebel against them, for if you do so, you are merely seeking to demolish that which your own hands have built.

A great leader is charismatic, one who inspire and a visionary.

In the present context, I think there is a dearth of such personalities. Great empires and great nations had one time or another produce great leaders.

It is alarming and it saddens me that lately our leaders do not exhibit exemplary qualities. It ranges from profanities, aloofness right up to not being accountable. When cornered, the justification ranges from joking only, misquoted and recently, to motivate. Further, it seems respect for the elders have dissipated.

Some may admit their mistakes but what is most shocking is when other leaders try to protect or cover the ones who admitted their mistake by giving other justifications.

Sorry is not one word but a complete statement. Sometimes people are not sorry because they did it but because they got caught and not every “sorry” deserves an “its okay” in return.

Unlike single-party systems, in a democracy there may be more than two sides. For a nation to be great, the different sides have to come together to form a triangle, a square or even better, a circle – where the country can move forward smoothly for the sake of each and every citizen.

I do not think it is difficult because we have done it before.

InshaaAllah, we can achieve developed nation status in two years time and for the future, I guess we really need leaders with the good qualities as discussed above. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on numerous occasions, demonstrated many of the essential qualities of great leaders – from vision to courage, from influence to empathy and from awareness to selflessness.

Hopefully, TN50 will tackle and give special attention to the above and not restrict itself to form and substance only. We also need to give attention to the people who will be leading us to meet aspirations of a better future.

What say you

Salam Maulidur Rasul to all.

*This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail Online.

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