Dental Bill 2017 should not place undue limitations on the practice of dentistry — Dr Ng Woan Tyng

NOVEMBER 29 — The long overdue Dental Bill 2017 was finally read for the first time in Parliament on 28 November 2017.

The Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) has been actively involved in significant advocacy and campaigns that have made its mark on the dental landscape. Various MDA past presidents and councils have played a vital role in the drafting of the bill since its inception, with the broad aim and principle that while a fair bill gives proper and due recognition to all specialists, the scope of practice in Dentistry should be limitless or borderless.

In the light of the tabling of this bill, the membership of MDA hopes that the regulations stipulated under the new bill will not contain undue limitations to the practice of dentistry or restrict our vision and mission to provide holistic oral health care services to the general public.

Thus the professional ability of general dentists to practice dentistry as they deem fit will be respected and protected. Any clause that limits the freedom of practice of dentistry by the general dentist will reduce the accessibility of many dental procedures to the general public especially in the rural areas, result in monopolies drive up prices for the rakyat and may cause less informed members of the public to resort to illegal dentistry that will endanger their health.

On another note, the MDA hopes that dental practitioners will be given sufficient time to adapt to and comply with the new regulations.

Applications for the Annual Practising Certificate (APC) by dental practitioners must be accompanied by continuing professional development (CPD) points and evidence of professional indemnity.

Through this regulations, the practitioners are expected to maintain and / or further their expertise through ongoing training throughout the course of their careers.

Lastly, we anticipate and look forward to a new era of development for our profession.

 *Dr Ng Woan Tyng is president of the Malaysian Dental Association.

**This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail Online.

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