Deck the halls in Faberge style this holiday season

A Green Apple Blossom Egg Christmas Decoration by Harrods. — FP pic
A Green Apple Blossom Egg Christmas Decoration by Harrods. — FP pic

NEW YORK, Nov 15 — Why not channel the pomp and splendour of the Russian Empire this holiday season with tree decorations that nod to Faberge's famous eggs, which Russian Tsars offered as gifts to their wives and children.

The House of Fabergé created its bejewelled Imperial eggs at the end of the 19th century. In fact, it was in 1885 that Russian Tsar Alexander III first commissioned Fabergé to create an Easter egg for his wife Empress Maria Fedorovna. While the commissioning of Imperial eggs came to an end with the 1917 Russian Revolution, their allure ensues and continues to inspire. This Holiday, various decorations channel the Fabergé look, bringing a helping of festive bling to the tree.

British luxury department store Harrods channels this aesthetic with three tree decorations offering a rich and opulent look. One has a mossy green background embellished with a gold and silver plant-like motif plus purple and clear gemstones (£50 or RM275). Purple jewels feature on another luxury bauble, this time with a white background and decorated with a pattern of golden ovals (£50). Finally, the pièce de résistance of Fabergé style in the Harrods decoration line is a delicate fir green bauble, decorated with intricate white apple blossom flowers and pearl-like jewels (£25).

Marks and Spencer has some more affordable but no less opulent options, including a rose gold Fabergé-style glass bauble with delicate glitter and diamante detail (£4), as well as a red model with a golden motif (£5).

Fabergé’s famous eggs have also been given a modern makeover with the “Faberjorì” tree decoration collection from Italian design brand Alessi. Clearly inspired by the famous creations of Peter Carl Fabergé (€26-32), they have a fun twist, with themes often inspired by childhood. One features a chick timidly peeping out from an egg, another takes the form of a toy soldier. There’s also a hot air balloon and models adorned with lily of the valley embellishments. — AFP-Relaxnews

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