Zamihan shouldn’t counsel anyone, much less Islamic State prisoners, lawyer says

A YouTube screenshot of disgraced preacher Zamihan Mat Zin.
A YouTube screenshot of disgraced preacher Zamihan Mat Zin.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 9 ― A PKR lawyer urged the government today to review disgraced preacher Zamihan Mat Zin’s role in rehabilitating Islamic State (IS) detainees in prisons.

Latheefa Koya highlighted Zamihan’s supposedly “extremist” views supporting a Muslim-only laundromat in Johor and the Muslim preacher’s latest comments criticising a surau in Penang for sheltering non-Muslims during a major flood.

“It is therefore all the more shocking that despite all the controversies, he is still given access to the most extremist of people i.e. IS militants or those who supported or are sympathetic to IS,” she said in a statement.

“How can a preacher who has been banned from speaking in Selangor and Johor and caused so much of controversy by pitting Muslims against non-Muslims, can still be given access to IS linked prisoners?

“I therefore call for Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi to immediately review Zamihan’s role in the prisons especially with regards to IS-linked prisoners,” she added.

Zamihan posted on his Facebook page Tuesday a picture of him outside the Tapah prison in Perak, writing that he had just finished a deradicalisation session with IS militants in Tapah.

Last month, the Selangor Sultan stripped Zamihan’s preaching credentials and the Johor Sultan called the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) officer an “empty tin can”, after Zamihan, in a video that went viral, described the Chinese as unclean people and criticised the Johor ruler who was against Muslim-only laundromats.

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