Reviewing Penang’s SOPs for flood/disaster relief: Some suggestions — Chow Siew Cheong

NOVEMBER 5 — My household does not cook. In view of the rain and floods, we went to Island Glades to have an early dinner at 4.30pm today.

Normally, we do not take supper but to avoid being hungry later, I went to the “economic fried beehoon” stall outside the Jelutong Market to buy some.

There were about a dozen guys in the queue before me, mostly Indians and some Chinese. One placed an order for 16 packs, another ordered 35 and yet another 40.

Across Jelutong Road was a mamak stall selling roti canai where some Malays had booked 100 pieces.

From the conversation of the small gatherings around the two stalls, the orders were to be donated to those in their kampungs and neighbourhood affected by the floods.

The donors were ordinary guys riding kapchai motorcycles, not titled dignitaries in chauffeured limousines nor expensive MPVs with heavily tinted windscreens/windows.

I never knew Penang had so many kind souls.

When your administration reviews the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for flood/disaster relief, may I suggest you invite those NGOs now already operating soup kitchens and distributing free meals to join in the humanitarian effort.

By the way, I hope that MBPP’s enforcement officers will be instructed to put a moratorium on their usual zealous issuance of parking notices/summonses, too.

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